Sunday, October 11, 2009

31 for 21: What? Go Rams?

We are headed to the Edward Jones Dome today to watch the StL Rams and the Minnesota Vikings. Our very wonderful friend Cindy gave us tickets and we picked this particular game so we could see Brett Favre in person slinging that pigskin around! (And it was nice that this is the Bears bye week anyway, so we're not missing their game...that would be unacceptable, you know.)

My sister and her husband, Rachel and Patrick, are coming along (though they're not Rams fans either...Go Patriots! For you, P!) and we're excited about some good seats and seeing some good football. At least on one side of the ball. Unfortunately, the Rams will likely lose miserably, but we'll cheer them today because Minnesota will go up over the Bears 2 games if (when) they win today.

So that's the plan. On the off chance something crazy happened, I just wanted to this be out there to mark my predictions. Bob's your uncle.


  1. We got tickets for free once too - it was when Steven and I were dating and we took my sportfanatic older cousin and my grandma with us -- same as you, we didn't care if they won and they played so miserably then it would have been shocking if they had - but still fun to experience the ballgame :) Hope you all had fun.

  2. Still a Rams fan here even though they stink again this year. Got to go to the SuperBowl in '02 in New Orleans...NOT a Patriots fan...maybe the fans there didn't represent all Patriots fans, but they were RUDE!!! Anyway...I digress. BTW...My maiden name is inscribed on the outside of whatever the heck the stadium is called these days because I was a PSL owner in the first season. so bad. I like Lovie and since I live up here now it's all I hear about. Sorry the Rams didn't pull out a win for you...but like me, I'm sure you're not


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