Friday, January 16, 2009

Up and running

We're back, and overall, it's not too bad. The things we're missing aren't so much *missing* as just different. It's all good.

You haven't missed anything, don't you worry. Nothing much is happening that anyone would want to hear about. Just life. It's Friday evening, and I haven't been out of the house since Tuesday. I still can't believe that's NOT abnormal for me. Funny how things can change in a year! Of course, it's been dangerously cold, so who really wants to be out anyway?!?

I've got some thoughts I wanna get down for my own remembrances. I may forget before I get to it, but we'll see. Tomorrow has some goings on, Sunday may be the day. But then again, I only remembered today that I've got tax documents to get done and out to my former employee-type buddies. (Hi girls!) So "real" blogging may have to wait. Everyone's been doing such thoughtful and meaty's got me in the mood!

Have a great weekend, and try to stay warm!


  1. I've missed you, girl! Been thinking about you and that baby belly!

  2. i'm glad you are back. and i can't say that i blame you for staying in. i've been hearing how cold it is back in stl. yikes!!! but it's been cold here, too.

  3. Can I have the baby when you have her?

    just checkin


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