Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yesterday and today in the normal running of chores and tasks, I had several thoughts... for what they're worth...

I love my glasses. The kind you drink out of. We registered for them when we got married and we got them. They're common, nothing special to most, but they're just great in my book.

What would it be like to be able to watch Kinlee move around in there? Like what if we had clear bellies when they were this close to birth? I'd like to match a visual with what weird movements I feel.

If we're supposed to be color blind, why do we keep talking and talking and talking about color??? If it's not about race, why is it all about race?

Would it work to put some kind of pasta in beef stew? Maybe rice?

It is so darn nice to spend time thinking and discussing with people who value the same things I do and aren't afraid to stand for them. How refreshing with all the conflict around!

Since I didn't have any contractions with Braska, will I realize that's what it is when it is? Or will I just think "Ow!" like I occasionally do when she does weird things?

How did this tiny little girl get so darn funny all the sudden?

It's amazing how a little caulk can make a room less drafty. Way to go, M.

Why must people drive so darn fast just to get one block ahead to a red light?


  1. You had some good thoughts -- some deeper than others, but all good. One I can answer is yes, you can add rice or pasta to beef stew. I prefer rice; the pasta tends to get too soft for my liking :o) You can also add lentils -- a good food source and you don't hardly know they're there. Those you DO want soft :o)
    We added you and Kinlee to our church prayer list tonight. BTW, you will know when you're having contractions. I'll be waiting for "the call".
    Love you!!

  2. I agree with your mom, was going to post the same things - rice is yummy in beef stew, and the contractions will be obvious to you cause your whole belly will experience it and they will be consistent. Plus Steven laughs at everyone that speeds up to stop - he calls it "hurrying up to wait..."

  3. For the stew, I'd cook some egg noodles separately and then serve the stew on top.

    What kind of glasses do you have? I am horribly breaky and am always looking for new ones. But it's surprisingly hard to find ones I like.

    I had that same thought about clear bellies. Like a viewing window! That would be so cool. THough freaky.

  4. I will comment on the contractions. YES you will know what they are when they happen. You know your body and even though you didnt start having them with Braska, does not mean you wont know what is happening. They wont start hurting right away...mine mainly felt like my belly was just getting really tight and it basically took my breath away, but didnt hurt. I was induced with two of my kids, and went in naturally with the other two. The ones that were natural I was able to have contractions all day long before the pain began, and I stayed home until the pain began.

    I'm getting so excited to see little Kinlee. Braska is so beautiful, I cant imagine anything better!


  5. Hahahaha! I think this is one of my favorite posts from you:) I love random stuff! I'm going to have to try the caulking thing, 'cause our house is crap in that department. I also wondered about the clear bellies and then thought about that cow here at the U of I that has some weird window in it's guts so you can see what is going on. I thought that would be cool.

    And will know you are having will know.

  6. These are great! Your brain works just like mine....except that I would have to stop after each and every one of these thoughts and write them down (type them out) or they'd never make it to post. My memory stinks! Contractions...You'll KNOW.

  7. Clear bellies would be so cool! Being pregnant is such a wonderful feeling. I miss that I won't have that experience again.:-(


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