Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Technical difficulties

We are having the switch made today... leaving Charter for AT&T and Dish.  We're doing a major downgrade for financial reasons, and of course, there have been glitches.  Hopefully we'll be back online and running smooth soon.  For now, I'm borrowing a signal from someone nearby.  It's iffy though... I'm having withdrawals.


  1. oh, yikes. good luck with that.

    we have charter now (for tv and internet, I refuse to do their phone) and I don't really like them. We have very few options though.

  2. It is sad but understandable to downgrade. I feel like I down grade every time I come home from MN, due to the slowness of our internet. I am so glad to hear that all is well, I have been having Just RK withdrawl. Seriously! Hope you are online soon:o)

  3. I had begun to wonder if there were technical problems. I was about to email with a "are you guys okay?" note :o)

  4. completely understand. we use to have a bigger cable package and have down graded as well. our internet sucks, too. it is so slow...hopefully, it'll be smooth sailing soon


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