Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Annual Hosting Day

Nothing like a day off. And M was off today, as were his three Friday Night Magic buddies from C-U. So they trekked down here last night to spend the day tapping and attacking. This is the second or third year that they've used this particular day off for gaming at our house, and it works well. Of course, this is the first one that we've been 3 hours away instead of only about 7 minutes.

It's kind of my thing to put out a spread of goodies to keep them going during their physically taxing day. This year it was much lighter on the quantity side, but still... And they came last night, so after playing until some very wee hours, they slept in and I fixed a lunch-time breakfast. I had fresh sugar cookies ready last night for their late-night snacking also. Then a crock-pot full of yummy meaty nacho dip was available through the afternoon and sandwiches this evening.

They left tonight around 8pm, and we cleaned up. Tonight the house is straight and neat, upstairs and downstairs. We're exhausted, but I'm so glad they came. M had a really good time, and it's great that they made the trip. Another MLK Gaming Day in the books...

(By the way, if this whole post sounds like jibberish...consider yourself lucky. You're not married to a geek!)


  1. What a good wife you are and I noticed on the side bar you only have 17 days left with Kinlee inside the womb. I did not realize it is that time already. I bet you are excited!

  2. Mmmmmm.....sounds like yummy treat day at RKs!! Except, I would've been watching Jack Bauer instead of playing games. I've got priorities you know:)

  3. LOL! While your post wasn't complete gibberish, my dh does a different gaming event but the end result is about the same it sounds as at your house- yeah, for carrying on traditions, location changes or not :)

  4. Sounds like you had a good, but tiring day. Hope you can rest tomorrow :o) I'm beginning to get eager for that "call" in a very few weeks. Love you!!


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