Monday, January 26, 2009

Dear anonymous...thank you

(For the non-anonymous out there...don't miss the post below for a *sweet* deal.)

To the anonymous commenter from the Choices post--Since I can't contact you directly, and please know that I am completely fine with your comment being anonymous, I just wanted to put up a little note to say thank you for your comment. I appreciate you sharing your story, sharing your perspective, and I'm glad you felt you could do so. I'm sure it was very helpful to many.

And I hope that you know that you are more than welcome to contact me, anonymously or directly by email, with any further input or thoughts that might apply as we move forward. I respect your anonymity, but I want you to know that I think no less of you or your relative that is a friend of mine in any way due to your story. I'm so sorry that you had to endure such a terrifying and painful experience. I can't pretend to truly understand. Know that I will be praying for you as May 15 approaches... I cannot imagine your pain, but I so appreciate your honesty in sharing it with me and the other readers.

Many blessings to you and your family...


  1. I whole heatedly agree RK. Thank you anonymous for sharing. There is always much to be learned from what others have gone through. She managed to say something that I intended to convey, but was unable to show my sincerity. When I hear of someone who has gone through an abortion, or is going to have one, I grieve their loss. To imagine the extreme pain that they must go through to feel that there is no other choice. And for those who make the choice without realizing that there will be pain from it, without knowing that in that choice there is a loss. I grieve for them too.

    I do feel that in many ways the women that have had and will have abortions are victims. Victims of our society neglecting to give them the support that they need to make another choice. Support in knowing that the rapest should not have parental rights. Support in knowing that the people around them will have compassion for them whatever the circumstances.
    Anonymous, I am so sorry for your loss.

  2. Thank you for reading what I wrote, it is a truly hard thing for a woman to go through, expecially when I look at my children now, I could never give any of them up, no matter what, I just hope any woman in the same position I once was in please think about your choice, you may live to regret it as do I, its still a gift from god and as long as you can be a strong woman, you will make it, just huge tight to the ones you love for support, and like I said earlier the baby is half you and thats got to be a good thing, that means you can raise that baby to be a good person and to know what is right and wrong, I know these things now, if only I could have then, but we all make mistakes and like I said I will like with it everyday, but I have came to some sort of peace with it, now all I have to do is forgive myself and to be perfectly honest I am not sure if I can or if I ever will be able to. To be honest I am scared that if my cousin found out she would be upset with me, you see she don't know, I come from a very good family, a very religious family, and yes I know she wouldn't fault me, but its just the thought of feeling ashamed that I have to work through, basically it was on a need to know basis, my Dad knew and brothers and Grandmother, and the courts, but we lived at least 4 hours away from eachother, so my aunt, uncle, and cousins never found out about my rape or abortion, I know I should trust her enough to tell her and my other family members, but besides my immediate family (Which is pro choice) the rest are all pro life, and I understand their position and repect their beliefs as well as my own. I do think there should be guidlines though, Like I said before its not a form of brith control, some women can't have children and my heart aches for them, they would love to have a not wanted child, and I don't feel abortions should be performed after 12 weeks, to me that insaine, most women who have been pregnant will know what I mean when I say "fluttering" you feel that, you feel that baby alive inside you, it shouldn't be allow past that. You all might find it interesting what happened that particullar day to me, my father drove to to the abortion clinic which was 3 hours away, and I am sure most of you have seen what I am talking about, those "let me live" signs on interstates and highways, that is what I got to see on the way there, it killed me, and I knew it was the wrong choice somewhere in my brain, but I didn't speack up and say no, no I want this baby, I should have, but I just wasn't strong enough to fight, my father would have loved that grandbaby and he wouldn't have thought any less of me, he is a very understanding man. So I guess I am hoping that I will save another woman in my shoes the heart ache I had to go through and still do beacuse I made a bad choice, because I couldn't fight, and I should have, us women are alot stronger than we think, alot, we come from a long line of fighters, and I should have, I would fight tooth and nail for my children now, and I should have fought for the unborn then, thank you all for listening to why I think its important women think before they act andwhy I think alot of women to have adortions. Go Bless you all and your familys.

  3. Anon--Once again, you've given insight, and I don't doubt for a moment that someone or several someones will come across this at just the right time. You've been so gracious to share openly with us, and I really appreciate it!


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