Sunday, September 11, 2011

We should never forget

It’s hard to watch the footage of 9/11.  It’s hard to hear the stories.  It’s hard to deal with the reality and gravity of what happened. 

But we HAVE to remember.  We HAVE to honor the lives that were lost that day.

And we MUST never forget what happened to our country that day.  As hard as it may be, hearing the stories and acknowledging the loss and the pain that was caused by the actions of other humans… it is necessary to be sure we do not allow the true horror of that day be left behind.

We move on. We have, as a country, continued to live.  But to forget what occurred that day is dangerous. We must always be mindful of what can be.  Not in a fatalistic and pessimistic way, but in a realistic and honest way. 

I know that many people don’t want to think about, hear about, or talk about the stories of that day.  It’s horribly hard to process.  But we need to be sure we never get comfortable pushing it aside, for there were many lives lost and the damage done to our country is long lasting. 

When we forget the pain, we are less motivated to remain united and strong against those who would repeat such an event.  I hope we never see such a thing.

Never forget.  Be grateful for each day, each breath of the day. Make sure the people you love know it, before it comes to that frantic phone call with moments left.  God forbid that come to be.

And pray we never see this kind of terror again.


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