Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pseudo bed next to bed

KiKi has a bed. It is about 3 inches from this chair. And yet she often will hop between them from night to night. Sometimes she changes locations during the night.

Tonight I got home from work and then cleaned the carpet in a couple of rooms. It's a very small house, and that is a loud machine. They were in bed already, but awake, and I figured the girls would quickly just fall asleep with the added, though loud, noise. (They have a loud fan in their room already. I have white noise issues. Must have for sleep.)

I went to check on the girls and they were out. Braska in her bed where I left her and KiKi in the chair with Purple, her pillow pet. I suppose sleeping is better than awake, even if its not in the bed.

Do your kids sleep in places other than their beds at night??


  1. As I recall Kiki's dad hated his bed. His closet was far more appealing. Or he would often slip between the mattress and box springs and sleep in the comfort of that cozy space.

  2. Evan has lately been crawling in bed with me since Dave is in STL starting a new job. But his other favorite places to crawl into are: the floor, his recliner, Dave's recliner and when my dad visits the couch:) He is a mover at night and DOES NOT care for trains that go through town and wake him up:)


  3. Kallie does NOT like to sleep in her room. We find her on the couch all the time!!! Can you try commenting on my blog again? Still having issues. Wondering if I should reset completely

  4. Do you remember when Jody disappeared one day and we frantically searched all over for him...only to find him asleep in his football toy box?

  5. Rainer has been sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor next to his bed for about a month! His request.


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