Tuesday, September 27, 2011

20 years ago today…

20 years ago, I was a freshman in college and loving it.
20 years ago, I was almost 18 years old.
20 years ago, I was the oldest of 4 kids in my family.

Until #5 was born… 20 years ago today.

Happy birthday, Ryan!  AKA, Buddy Fella, Fry, Squeak #2. (Wow, those are from a LONG time ago… I’m so out of date on nicknames.)

I’ve never actually resided in the same house as this sibling (and another one following him…stay tuned for that birthday in November) but I’ll vouch for the fact that he still ranks high on my list of sibs.  Smarter than seems humanly possible, witty, polite and gentlemanly, athletically blessed, a fine example of faith, and totally thriving in the best and won’t-regret-it-later kind of way in college.  We’re all pretty proud of him.


(And yes, little brother, if you see this, I clipped this from your FB photos.  And yes, I searched a long time to find one of you withOUT a cute young lady next to you.  And I did not succeed.  So my apologies to whoever I cut out of this one.  She’s nice,  I’m sure.   But really… how do you have time to stop and smile with so many?  Smile)

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  1. Nice tribute; and I agree with your analysis. I have been blessed beyond measure with all my children!


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