Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pathetically proud


This is my kitchen floor.

It’s clean.

The fact that I’m proud enough of it to take a picture and post it… pathetic.

Yes, it’s that rare.

And it’s almost midnight.

But I got it done. 

The kitchen is “clean” in my new normal way.

That happens occasionally.

But for me to actually clear the floor space and sweep and mop the floor. Twice.  Because I’m sure it needed that second pass. That’s something.

Now, tomorrow it’s on to tackling the piles of clothes in the girls’ room.


  1. I'm in awe. My kitchen floor is typically intentionally cropped out of photos whenever possible, because it is most certainly not worthy of posting on the web. I'd be mortified. You've earned my respect!

  2. (obviously catching up...)

    Anytime you want to revisit that feeling, my floor is available.

    (That sounded wierd. Nevermind)

    Anyway, here's to celebrating the litle things for moms too!

  3. Clean floors are fun. Having water problems...not so much.

  4. You give me incentive... perhaps tomorrow.


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