Friday, September 2, 2011

Denmark. Disturbing. Derogatory.

Denmark has stated openly that their goal is to be a society without Down syndrome.
Here's the whole article if you are so brave.

That statement in itself is disturbing.

My friend, Michelle, at Big Blueberry Eyes (one of the first blogs I found and followed after Braska was born) posted some comments about this choice, and I'll admit, it's a very difficult post to read. It makes me mad. It makes me a little ill if I think about it too long.

But I feel like it's important to realize to what extent the philosophies of disabilities in some countries have twisted. So check it out, knowing it won't give you warm fuzzies, but with the intent of knowing where "the others" stand, and how far they are willing to go.

Then tell someone... be sure that those who might be around you and think like this out of ignorance have the opportunity to learn the truth about what life with DS means.
And My Heart Cries

Lord bless our efforts to share with the world the value that all life has, especially now that of our precious "extra" wonderful kids.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about this as well. Also, the message board where I found those comments seems to be international. It has members from several countries on it ... and unfortunately, if I'm remembering correctly, many of those comments came from people in the US. It seemed like after each comment I was either crying or thinking, "how dare you!" I just can't believe how deep the hatred and ignorance run for some people.


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