Monday, August 29, 2011

Within reach

The overstuffed recliner is between their little beds.  When I sit there, I can reach each of them as they lay in their beds, holding one of each of their little hands as we say their prayers each night.  The room is only 9 feet wide.

Tonight we prayed for their sweet dreams, restful sleep, thanking God for a good day, all four of us healthy.  We thanked God for our friends and that our sweet friend Jamee had a good day after a few tough ones.  We prayed for my friend Jennifer far away.  We asked for extra doses of comfort and peace of heart for our dear, precious friends who will walk painfully through the next 9 days, though all their days are harder without their prettiest little one.  We asked for lots of extra angels to be sent to those little ones who are mistreated or alone in places without mommies and daddies to love them.  We never forget these precious ones.  We prayed for the “tummy babies” whose mommies are scared of what the doctors have told them and for those mommies to be held and loved and supported and given wise counsel. 

We don’t always use those kinds of words.  We say it as the girls understand and join in.  They remember people we’ve talked about during the day, or friends that we’ve been praying for lately.  They remind me even mid-prayer of people to remember and mention. 

Tonight, Braska, who had gone without a nap today and was very very tired, fell asleep holding my hand during the prayers. Kinlee was on the other side holding my right hand, moving my thumb along the back of her hand when I would pause from the gentle motion that she likes so much. 

I sat there for a while longer than I normally do, listening to Kinlee talk to herself, sing a few little songs, and watching Braska sleep.  My girls are within reach.  I do not take for granted that they are right here with me, well cared for, comfortable in their home and in their parents’ love.  It is nothing to take lightly.    Every moment is a blessing.

And I thought to myself, how thankful I am, that for those tonight who desperately wish their precious ones, either young or old, were within reach, there is a God who is ALWAYS within reach. He is closer than the air around us. Available at your quietest whisper or loudest cry.  Just reach out and hold His hand.


  1. You encourage me greatly with your thoughtful, inspirational ramblings. As tears well up, all I can say is, "Amen!"


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