Saturday, August 27, 2011

New bedtime please

I used to be in bed by 10 or 10:30 pm regularly.  And I was still feeling like it was later than it should have been.

Now it’s been midnight or later for a few weeks, and it’s just wearing me out.  So why can I know that, think about it often, and still it’s not changing?  That kind of thing frustrates me.

So instead of ranting more about it, I’ll go to bed. There’s a novel idea.

Just for kicks… when do YOU usually go to bed?


  1. too late.

    I try for midnight, usually it's more like one.

  2. In bed between 10 and 10:30, read until 11pm. Lights out by 11 or I am an ogre the next morning.

    This includes weekends, because my kids don't know the difference between 6:30 am Tuesday and 6:30am Saturday.

  3. It usually ends up being midnight. It probably *should* be earlier and then I wouldn't be so mad at the alarm clock when it goes off in the mornings. But, it rarely happens that I'm actually in bed "early"(10pm would be early!)

  4. I go to bed at 10:30, lay awake and think until 1 ro 2, get up at 4:30 or 5 and think some more. All that thinking leaves me tired though.

  5. There are days that I could sleep as soon as I put my kiddos down at 8-8:30! But I fight the urge and stay up... then I'm sooo happy to have kid free time before I know it, I look up and it's 11:00! Then the vicious cycle starts again :)

  6. I go to bed when I get done what has to be done before morning. It's usually 10:30 or 11. Tonight, after a long, late weekend I'm aiming for 10. Sweet dreams!

  7. Ugh, I wish I could go to bed early! But honestly, I typically don't fall asleep till 2 or 3 am. Insomnia sucks, Melatonin doesn't cut it anymore and I really don't want to take drugs!


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