Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Hot Rod. Padre. Pa Beagle.

Dad is what I call him most often. 
And today he qualifies for the senior discount at the YMCA. 

So here’s a little look back at when it was just us, and Mom, of course. But someone had to take the pictures.  From October 73 to Easter 75, when he was a preacher boy in his mid-twenties. Good times.

And from June 2011… with Mom, Julia, and the girls. 

Happy birthday, Dad.  Hope you have a super great day! And yes, you may link this on FB if you’d like to share your young handsome self with your friends.  Smile

(Happy birthday to Marci, too.  Wherever you are.  We still miss you.)


  1. Wow, your girls look JUST like you. Especially Kinlee!!

    Happy Birthday to your Pops!

  2. You have always been Daddy's girl. He was quite a handsome dude, wasn't he? :o)

  3. What can I say??? I'm a sentimental kind of guy and those pictures really take me back to some wonderful times! I had no idea then that I would be Daddy to FIVE more, but there is always a special place in Daddy's heart for that first one! Thanks so much for this post. Seeing your love for and excitement with your girls is part of a fitting reward to this "seasoned citizen." Love always, Dad

  4. All I want to know is how you got Kinlee's picture in those pictures of Rod! :) Wow! The resemblance is pretty remarkable. Those were good times. Got to share in some of them. Thanks for the memory lane walk. :)

  5. Happy Birthday Rod. Oh and I really like the picture with you and Kinlee. Oh..was that Randa-Kay?


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