Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My little muffins. Both of them.

I referenced the tiny-ness of Braska in 
this post (And if you haven’t seen it, you MUST!  Big news in our world!!)  So I decided to look back and see just how my girls measure up.  The Normie and the Downsie, not in comparison to each other, though that’s often fun, but according to the “official” growth charts.

(ETA: In case you’re new…Yes, we affectionately refer to the girls in that way, as stated above. Yes, we know it might not be everyone’s preference. They are derived of love and pride in both of them, combined with the dry wit that lives in our house, and originating from self-advocates with DS who are proud to own the “Downsie” term for themselves and their close friends.)

Braska was 7 lb 0 oz at birth. 
At 1 year, she was 15 lbs.
At 2 years, she was 19 lbs.
At 3 years she was 22 lbs.
At 4 years, she was 24 lbs.
As of today, at 3 months shy of 5, she is 25 lbs 10 oz  and 36.75 inches tall. (That weight is also a BIG deal!)

That ranks her far from even hitting the “typical” chart for weight.  5th percentile would be about 33 lbs.  50th percentile would be 40 lbs.  Her height also falls far below the “typical” chart.  5th percentile would be 39.5 inches, 50th percentile would be about 42.5 inches.

On the DS chart, Braska currently ranks right at the 8th percentile for weight and at 25th percentile for height.  She’s small by pretty much any standards!

Kinlee was 7 lb 6 oz at birth.
At 1 year, she was just over 18 lbs.  She hit 20 lbs about 16 months, as I remember.
At 2 years, she was about 23 lbs.
As of today, at just over 2 1/2, she is 25 lbs 6 oz, about 35.5 inches tall. 

That ranks her at about 10th percentile for weight and about 20th for height.  And they don’t come any healthier than this chick.

So for all the discussions I’ve had lately with people worrying over their kids’ weight gain or the “all important” growth chart rankings (they are NOT that important, in my opinion), celebrate the health and progress of your kiddo.  And give them a break!

Great things come in small packages!!!


  1. Lots of love in those little bodies. That's all that matters.

    However, what I learned from this post is that I have enormous children. Haha!

  2. Amen to the "forget about the growth chart" sentiments! A pet peeve of mine for sure. If your child is healthy and getting what they need and their body is doing what it's supposed to do, then who cares how that body is packaged!

    Avery is our small one. Very low on the charts.

    It's amazing that you have little twins born 3 years apart :) and cute ones at that.

  3. Just remember Spud Webb and Tiny Archibald! (NBA)

  4. You cannot be more right when you said, Great things come in small packages! Look at me, I am very tiny and that hasn't change anything in my life. I enjoy life as any girl, regardless the height. About growth charts, I don't care because I just care about my sons be happy and healthy. Ironically, my son with T21 was bigger and taller at birth than my typical baby. Honestly, I don't expect any of my boys being tall, even both of them have reached more than average in the typical growth chart, mommy's genes don't help much!


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