Friday, April 1, 2011

Praise for one, hope for others

This morning I logged on just minutes ago to see great news…

YES!  I saw just that word on a post title in my reader and got all squishy inside. I clicked on the post to see that it WAS as I’d hoped!!! I just starting thanking God and praising him right on the spot, as the tears came so quickly it startled me.  I am SO thankful for this outcome!!!  The judge said YES!

You see, Evan’s new mommy and daddy…

(photo from the Hooks family blog.)

…they were given the answer literally thousands were praying for over the last 36 hours.  Many were fasting and dedicating extra time to prayer yesterday.

The judge they were facing is the same judge who just a couple of weeks ago told another family NO.

Remember Kirill?

(photo from the Davis family blog.)

His family went to bring him home. They pleaded their case before this same judge, asking that region to allow the FIRST adoption of a child with Down syndrome.  And in the end, after hours of questioning, she said NO.  It left an entire community in saddened shock.  (Read their story up to this point in this post.)  The judge said he could not be adopted. The basis given was that Kirill was “not socially adaptable” due to his “medical condition” (Down syndrome) and he was better off in an institution than in a home with a family.

Not only did this present a huge disappointment for Kirill’s family, but there were two families right behind them, going to the SAME region for the SAME request before the SAME judge.  Little Evan’s family was the next in line…

And the judge said YES!!

(photo from the Hooks family blog.)

I know many of you were praying along with these families.  PLEASE continue interceding for them, as Kirill’s family is in the midst of an appeal with the Supreme Court in his country.  I am hopeful that the judge, having learned more about what full and happy lives children with Down syndrome can have in a FAMILY, will reverse her decision for Kirill’s family and let him come home SOON! 

So I’ll continue to pray for the children who need families, and for the children whose families are working hard to get to them, and today, I’m praising God for bringing this one precious child to her forever family.

And THAT is the best way to start a Friday!!!


  1. AMEN sister! So happy for the Hooks family. Still interceding for the Davis' and Morenos!

  2. RK~ We are praying for these beautiful children and their family. Prayers are also going up for the judge who is hearing these cases ... that her heart may see these children as precious and deserving of a life free from the institutions. If only she could spend just an hour holding and interacting with these little angels ... Thank you for sharing their stories.



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