Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This morning we got up a little late after some much needed extra sleep. After a super quick breakfast for the girls, we jumped in the car for school. We hurried in to the school, dropped Braska and hurried back to the van. Only to find that I set my keys down in Braska's cubby.

Back to the classroom and back to the car. Kinlee and I came to the Y for a workout since I don't work on Wednesday mornings due to feeding therapy at 11:15. So now KiKi is at Y school and I am on the bike pedaling while blogging about our crazy schedule lately. Loving my "new" super cool Droid for this and other reasons. Not loving the short battery life but I will adjust. Happily.

When I finish here shortly, we will head back across the highway to the school for feeding therapy and then home. With a likely stop by for a QT visit with our buds. Tonight it is back to training for me. More CPR and then first aid and O2. Done at 10 pm. Then likely a collapse for just a few minutes!

Life is nuts right now but I'm not regretting our decisions yet. Just adjusting with a smile whenever possible. Flexibility is SO huge. If you don't have some, get on it!!! Life will be more enjoyable!

Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. I don't know HOW often I've said my hands work completely independently from my brain...and never to my benefit. Add on two toddlers who are working non-stop to sabotage my efficiency and sanity and it's amazing we EVER get out of this house at all.

    Quite an impressive l'il multi-tasker you are, my dear! Happy Wednesday to YOU!

  2. Good words of wisdom! Don't we all need to live life like this? Very inspiring! Sending love!

  3. Fun stuff. Likfe is goofy isn't it.


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