Thursday, April 28, 2011

An eye plan

(Backstory here… if needed.)

We saw Dr. L on Monday.  He decided that although there IS Manifest-Latent Nystagmus present with Braska, it is not the primary concern that needs to be repaired first. He feels that the strabismus/esotropia (Left eye crossing inwardly) can be corrected first, hopefully making improvements in the head tilt that Braska consistently has.  (That’s the tilt toward her right shoulder.) 

The tip up, chin up in the air looking down her nose at everything, is mostly likely still related to the MLN, and we will be looking at a second surgery to correct that, probably in September.

So for now, we’re planning on surgery #1 on May 18 at StL Children’s.  We appreciate your prayers for health between now and then, a successful and uncomplicated procedure that day, and a swift recovery with as minimal a level of discomfort as is possible.


  1. Will be praying that Braska's surgery goes well with no complications.

  2. You got a surgery date SO fast! I'm sure everything will go smoothly, esp since it sounds like you're old pros w/anesth.

  3. How did they initially diagnose this? Kullen does that...holds his head up and looks down his nose at everything. The eye dr said it was because he needed glasses, which he now has. Now, they say it's "just a habit". We are constantly telling him to put his head down! It drives me nuts!!!! He does not have weak eyes muscles (they don't turn in, move or anything).

  4. I am available for babysitting, hand-holding, lunch, tears. Whatever is needed and some stuff that isn't.


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