Friday, April 8, 2011

Good work all around

We're two weeks in to being a "two-income" family.

Though that little title is a bit of a misnomer compared to what it generally means. Our two incomes are just to meet what our previous one income provided. My job is designed to provide enough to pay for our increased costs for medical benefits.

We were able to get an individual health insurance plan (HDHP with HSA), including M, KiKi, and Braska. Braska's at the most expensive tier they can give her, but at least they can't deny her, so that worked in our favor. I'm covered on my new work health plan. It is a very very limited plan, but it works fine for what we need right now.

But the jobs themselves are going well. We are SO thankful to have both of them, especially since we're really enjoying learning the new places (mostly me, as far as "learning"...M just fit right in and hit the ground working). I'm currently doing shadowing during the days, so we've made some adjustments to make that happen. KiKi gets to go with me and hang out in "Y school" as she calls it while I'm there. (AKA child watch) At some point soon, I'll be working evenings and weekends, so M will have the girls at home while I'm working.

I'm finding it pretty humbling to start from scratch and learn a new field from the ground up. But the team around me is super patient and really fun. And I'm generally a quick learner, so it'll come. I need to find time to actually sit down and study all the zillions of things the Y does!

M is really liking his new place, especially his supervisor, which is a WONDERFUL thing. He's not really had that situation, which is why he has hopped the last couple years. But we think he's found a spot to settle into and really enjoy while getting to do the things he really does well.

So that's a quick update... now it's time to get shoes on the girls and head to work. Since Braska doesn't have school on Fridays, they'll both get to go to Y school today. The really do love it in there...their "teachers" are always so good with them.

We are really blessed and so grateful! Enjoy this Friday, friends!


  1. What a great update!!! So glad it's working out well for all involved!! :)

  2. So glad things are going well. See you Sunday, late afternoon.


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