Monday, April 11, 2011

Hand-me-down communication

ok. first time posting from my new-to-me Droid. I do love those who are a few steps ahead of me in technology and share generously whats left behind.

Today was long but good overall. I worked this morning and this afternoon and then fit in a trip to the hair salon for my baby sis and dinner with 2 sisters, my mom and KiKi. It was nice. And that is nice.

We hit Verizon on the way home and made the phone swiitch. Got home in time to get my girls to bed and relax a sec before doing about 90 mins of online training for work.

Tomorrow I work in the morning, finish a project in the p.m. and go to the first of two nights of CPR training...4.5 hrs each night. I am going to be one tired puppy.

Through it all I am glad to have this job and glad M is willing to cover with the girls. Have a great week people!

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  1. I can't even make use of the features on my phone without getting new slick phones. Have fun with it. I do like the grandchildren photo sends so keep up the good work.


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