Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sweet Laynee

A year ago today, the unthinkable became reality for very dear friends.  I have come to cherish this family, rely on the wonderful encouragement and example that Karol is to me, and it is absolutely invaluable how special they have all become to my girls.  Even in what little time we’ve had face to face, I have been forever changed by the interaction with each of them. 
Faith is not something tossed around lightly in their lives. It is something they have had to wrestle with and have come to find it as true in the deepest sorrow as it has been in all the many blessings in their world.
The last few weeks have left me feeling helpless. I want to do something, to be there, to say the right thing.  They are facing this toughest time, the one year mark from the day they lost their precious little ball of energy. But I fail to find that “right thing.”  So I pray often--for their comfort, for their broken hearts, and that they can sleep in the midst of the images that can haunt them. 
Their family is strong. They are holding tightly to each other, and clinging to the God they know is still in control. 
For their sakes, I wish we could snap our fingers and watch Laynee run into the room.  But since I cannot provide that gift, I did put together just a few of the many dozens of pictures of Laynee with their special song for her.  I never got to meet Laynee.  That makes me sad, but I have come to know her through her family, their stories, and the clear way that their love for her shines in the way that they celebrate her every single day.
Til we meet in Heaven, Jalayne, know that we will never forget your beautiful spirit.  Your glowing. Your joy.
Please take the time to watch this little video below… her smile is contagious and should not be missed!

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  1. oh you made me bawl with that one!! gee thanks!! What a sweet little girl. I dont know how she passed but I cant imagine what that family has gone through....hugs to everyone!


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