Monday, September 13, 2010

About last night...

Thanks to all those who have emailed, called, or texted. Last night proved to be wonderful. Painful. Refreshing. Encouraging. Scary. But I'm very glad I went.

He did not disappoint. (God, that is. Though Travis was great as well.) He reassured me. He questioned me. He challenged me. Unfortunately, he did not choose to have someone magically hand me a small folded piece of paper that has my next three right steps on it. I was hoping...

But, oh, if I could have those 2 hours every single night, to praise at the top of my voice with a super talented live band, to be challenged by inspired words, to be encouraged by the faces of others--also struggling--but determined to praise through the storm.


  1. Glad it was amazing. I am sure that He will show you those next steps, even if it isn't written on a piece of paper.
    Although that would really be nice sometimes.
    I have to remember that He talks to me all the time I just have to be still and listen.

  2. Thinking of know where to find me and my ears are always open...


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