Sunday, September 12, 2010

Date night with God

Tonight I am sitting in a church I have never been in before. By myself but far from alone. I came because Travis Cottrell is here tonight. (He is Beth Moore's worship leader and right-hand music guy. That is how I heard of him.) I planned to come several weeks ago. I thought some friends would come too. But it worked out that I came alone. And I realized as I was coming that it was not by accident.

Tonight I need to spend some time listening. I need to sit in the presence of God and let him really get to me. Though that can be done anywhere, music is my avenue. It is the quickest way to my heart. And to share in a worship experience with hundreds of others is perfect right now. I am anonymous and yet not alone. And I know that HE will meet me here. HE will not let me down.

Hard decisions are just that. HARD. But I am reminded now that no matter what decision I make, HE will love me. That is so hard to accept in this wounded heart.

So tonight I have a date. And I am nervous

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  1. I know He will meet you wherever you are and it will be an awesome night. Enjoy!

  2. I love Travis Cottrell. I could listen to him all day. I hope you found some clear answers... but something about this post makes me worried about what these questions might be. Hope you are doing well?!

  3. You can be so mysterious and poetic. Have you thought about writing a book?? Glad you enjoyed the concert and hope today you felt refreshed. Love you!!


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