Thursday, September 2, 2010

Last minute loose-ends

Tomorrow many people will begin their journeys to the St. Louis area.  Our somewhat sleepy suburb of St. Charles will be the hub for a weekend of gathering, children playing, lots of acronym usage (Can we even HAVE a conversation without talking of DS, IEPs, PT, OT, ST,  AFOs, EI, ECSE, ABA, AAI, ABRs, and so many more?), some great meals, late night hotel antics (which I’ll miss as I sleep in my own bed), and great fellowship with others who know what life is like for my family in a way that the general population cannot quite understand.

With some late comers, who are still welcome (though they may be standing!), we are up close to 70 with about 17 families represented.   Some will come to only one event during the weekend, some will be at every one of them.  We love them all.  And I’ve never even met the ones who don’t live here already, and a few of the ones who do!

I’m excited, and I’m nervous.  Anytime I am involved in planning, especially when I kind of eagerly ran with the reins like this time, I feel responsible. For things to work smoothly. For people to enjoy the events. For friends to connect. And for new friendships to be made.

Clearly I’m taking on a lot that I can’t control.  But that’s not new. 

Because I didn’t have enough stress in these last few days of preparation, I decided it would be fun to have t-shirts for the attendees, if they so chose to want one.
A close-up of the logo…

The StC is for St. Charles.  The ribbon on the right is referencing DS awareness, and is meant to give hints to the arch, too, paying homage to our Gateway area.

So far, they’re a hit. Only introduced a few hours ago.  So I’m spending my evening in a little mini (one person) assembly line, churning out some neat little wearable mementos.

There will be plenty of pictures, never fear.  But I might have to just collapse when it’s all over…so it might be a few days.

(Ha.  Who am I kidding?  I’m addicted to blogging. We are all aware of this.  You’ll have some sweet pics to document the fun, even if just phone pics.  Action as it happens… that’s what we’ll aim for. )

Have a great weekend everyone.  Whether you’ll be here with us or hanging with your friends and family far away.  Enjoy!


  1. Have a great weekend. I am sure everyone will have a blast.

  2. You are so sweet for inviting is all up! We love the ' other family' that Molly has introduced us to..... can't wait to meet new ones and hug the old ones!


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