Thursday, June 3, 2010

While I’m busy, check these out!

I’m shoulder deep in a garage FULL of donated items for Julie’s sale for Dashlyn’s adoption. It is going to be MASSIVE! So we’re very busy sorting and pricing and it’s overwhelming… but Saturday is the big day, so we’re getting close.

While I’m not able to blog anything particularly interesting myself, please check these out… quality stuff!

~~Jessie has a REALLY hysterical story (with pictures) that she posted today. Anyone got a husband whose smarts mysteriously seem to run out when they attempt dressing a little girl?? Totally worth a read (and laugh!).

~~Shelley has a new blog and had some interesting ideas for snacks for your kiddos yesterday (pretty snazzy blog design, too, right??)

~~And the always-witty-and-honest Tricia has another great post today about Georgia’s school future…including one phenomenal picture of Miss G, and an adorable shot of Rainer too!

And do me a favor…will you report back what you think of these friends of mine? I like to know if what I think is good is thought of as good to others… yes, I need affirmation for my friends. Just keepin’ it real.

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