Friday, June 4, 2010

Tomorrow, finally!

It’s now 2 minutes before midnight. In barely over 5 hours I’ll be getting up to drag a TON of stuff out of my garage for the biggest yard sale I’ve ever seen in person. It’s all to support Dashlyn’s adoption from Eastern Europe. Julie and I, with help from various friends and family, have worked all week, very diligently, to prepare the amazing amount of donations that we received. All proceeds go to the adoption fund. It’s beyond comprehension how the idea of doing a yard sale to get some money to help with the adoption turned into a HUGE event. It has really been overwhelming at times. We have 10 families who have donated alot of REALLY nice things, not just your typical yard sale stuff. We have a never-worn wedding dress, for Heaven’s sake!!

But now we’re ready to go. We’ve got a couple hours worth of work to do in the morning to get it all out and set it up. No doubt it will fill my front yard, my driveway, and my 2-car garage. I’m excited to see how people respond to the idea of a fundraising yard sale for this purpose. The few people who stopped today while we were working and browsed the piles (and purchased a decent amount of stuff!) were all very supportive and encouraging.

Tonight I made t-shirts for us to wear that have Dashlyn’s name and picture on them with the quote from her blog’s header. It will be quite a day.

If you’re in or near St. Charles County, MO, please come see us!! If you want details or directions, drop me an email at braskasmom-at-gmail dot com.

Lord, I’m asking for the rain to hold off. Give us time to make some money to bring this girl home SOON! Thank you!


  1. Good lcuk! Praying that it is a super successful sale.

  2. And God answered our prayers...again! Great day, lots of people, lots of stuff, and hopefully lots of money for Dashlyn!!


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