Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Do share

I'm getting all philosophical and a little cynical about blogging lately. I love it, I think about it far too much, but I never get time to post what I really want to talk about. It's a great outlet for me, and it has been a life-saving connection to so many of you who have walked this journey of abbreviations, therapists, and special education challenges ahead of me.

True, I've mentioned before that blog traffic has been way down, on both Braska's blog and this one. I know I need to be more consistent with posting, but it seems that even when I do, there's just not much action. Very little traffic. I stopped paying for the premium tracking since it was down to piddly numbers. I've even debated taking a full internet break for a while. But I fear I'd shrivel up and die.

I get that it's supposed to be for me, my place to say whatever, but what fun is it to say stuff when it just goes into nowhere? And I know I've shot myself in the foot with telling everyone in my life about this blog so that I can't say much about daily life for fear of offending someone involved. There's SO much I want to get opinions or input on but I've mixed blog and IRL too thoroughly. I try to stay positive, and I'm generally a positive person (except for in a couple consistent areas of my life), because I don't like to contribute to the negativity available. But sometimes things are hard and sometimes things don't look pretty around my house. Just truth in action. How do we balance the truth of life without ranting like grouches all the time???

But now that I have some new "followers" (I do SO hate that word for this purpose), I'd like to know what you guys look for in a blog. I'm just debating if I've got what it takes to survive or make it even worth my time to put effort into this.

So if you're in a reader, click on over and check out the poll above the posts. Let me know what you think. Elaborate in comments, too. Tell me what you really think. I'm gonna put on my thick skin and take it like a... well, I mean... I'll try not to do the ugly cry.


  1. I love reading your blog...but I bet I don't register on your tracker numbers because I read in my reader. I've stopped trying to keep track of numbers for that reason.

    I also get the difficulty in balancing what I really want to vent about with keeping private private and a happy face (for the most part) on the blog.

    I say, keep doing what you're doing. We love it!

  2. oh, I read through a reader too.

    I've never been too into the numbers game. I feel like I started the blog way back when, for my own reasons, and it has brought me to having my own little community. I think of it as Abby's peer group, and my peer group of parents.

    and sometimes the posts I get the most traffic and feedback are the ones where I get honest, and even negative. you should try it, you never know. I also find it's good for me to just get the thoughts out of my head. writing it down is cathartic.

    or you could start another secret blog.

  3. Cate's right. I tend to get feedback on posts where I am honest and raw. I also don't like numbers, but I am aware that I used to get a lot more comments. I do not look at my site counter pretty much ever.

    A secret blog would be great! Just invite readers you don't mind having!!

  4. Hi RK,

    I was drawn to your blog originally through a mutual friend. I never really knew anything about DS and I felt I gained more compassion and certainly more knowledge about families living with their special kiddos. I kept coming back because I love how you right-just honest, so free. I totally understand how you mean about crossing that line between telling it all and hurting those close to you. I started our blog for faraway family to keep up with the kids, but as a writer I have the need to journal. When I think about posting, I compose them in my mind as if I'm writing to the big wide world where no one really knows me. However, most of those posts go unwritten and I just keep to the cute photos of kiddos because I don't have a real audience out there, mainly family. I have thought about starting another blog too, that would be more of my journal thoughts. Then, I thought I don't want to have the pressure of keeping a readership if I got one. Ugh! It's hard to know I guess. I guess I've kind of written a book here!! I do hope you keep blogging in whatever format. I kind of think a secret blog might be the way to go. I enjoy the updates on the girls, but you always get me thinking when you do get into a deeper topic.

  5. do the secret blog with an invited audience if you feel the urge to lay it all out there... writing it out is therapeutic, but yeah, you don't want to cause the need of therapy for someone else because of what is written :)

    and my blog is just a family diary of sorts... I don't mind who reads it or how many, I never expected nor longed for huge numbers - too much pressure, but there are times that I have edited stories or not written some altogether because I didn't want to defend my audience.

    And people at church and places tell me all the time that they love my blog but they have never ever left a comment. So I'm confident that you have more readers than you think... and probably most of them are eavesdropping through their reader like me :)

    By the way, on your poll, you didn't list the reason why I follow... so I can keep up with what you all are doin'!

  6. RK -
    I could have written this. I've gone through all the feelings and personally, I never had the numbers to justify paying for tracking.

    You know that I quit blogging for a while. I'm back again because I missed it, but I have a different attitude now and that doesn't exactly help my blog traffic. The thing I hate most about blogging is what really makes you successful. The tit for tat, I read yours you read mine. I can't keep up with all the reading if I want to spend time with my family. I spend way too much time on the computer as it is.

    There's so much competition out there for readership. I've all but given up on expecting to become a super blogger. I try to just do it for me. I still get disappointed by lack of traffic and comments, but I like that I'm journaling my kids life. Of course it's mostly about Peanut these days since the other two are getting older and I have to respect their privacey.

  7. Simple. This is Just RK... By it's name alone it is a selfish thing (read: NOT IN A BAD WAY!) So above all else post for yourself above all else. The kiddos have their own spaces :-)

    I have known you and M since before there was a you and M (about)...

    You have always been something that Sarah and I can count on: Genuine

    "actually having the reputed or apparent qualities or character"

    Thus I know without a doubt regardless if you are in the blog/internet or not you will be who you are and WE WILL LOVE YOU REGARDLESS!

    Peace in your heart so important. If walking away from this blog/internet thing brings you closer to that peace...

    Run don't walk to it.

  8. Just wanted to let you know I read your blog all the time and I love it! I would like to see more pictures though, for some reason, I like lots of pictures when I read (I guess I never graduated from kindergarden!)

  9. RK, I love reading your blog. I know that you are waaaaaay too busy to send updates on your family, so I can keep track of what's going on and know how to pray for you, Muncher and those darling daughters.

    I also use the reader, but I sometimes stop by to see the designs on your page and Braska's.

    I would love for you to continue with the blog, but I know that time and energy can be of short supply when you are a mom.

    Just remember that you are in my prayers and that I love you and your family very much.

  10. Hey, you're the reason I started blogging so it's always a good thing! A lot of people read but don't comment but we all like comments, right? I'm always excited to get a comment. They come right to my phone and they bring a smile to my face no matter where I am at.

    I'll be honest. Sometimes, I see long narrative written words and just click off. Just due to lack of time. However, when I have time, I love to read them. In fact, I feel guilty because I never write long narratives (except in the comment box) Ha! Ha!

    Great idea with the voting! I can't wait to see how the results turn out!

  11. Most of the time I read your blog post through email and therefore I do not think that it shows up on the tracking numbers. There are so many people reading blogs different ways that I think it is hard to keep track of followers anymore.

    Personally I think being positive all the time is not real. Everyone I know at some point and time need to rant, vent, through a tantrum of some type and that is what I considered being real. Now I know there are somethings a person will not or cannot write about, which is very understandable.

  12. I came back to read all the comments and re-read mine. Did I seriously type right when I meant "write"?! And I'm a writer. Wow! And I even read it twice after I wrote it. Ha!

  13. I love reading your blog. For me it is not the's a time thing. Right now I am neglecting my blog and my friends. Wysdom has a new schedule so I am not up late..and that is when I would read and write. If I had the time I would be on here all the time.:)
    Oh I do love the blogs that are straight to the point. I can't read a 10 paragraph blog. I also love honest blogs that share the good, the bad and in between as it relates to me. Lastly I like those who share innovative info and links that I never get to look up.

  14. I read all the time, mostly for fun or because you write interesting things that provoke discussion later. And of course, to see pics of 2 of the cutest little girls ever!

  15. I found that after having Lucas I'm not able to do as much with blogging as I'd like. I'd like to write more on my own blog, and comment more on others...but there just isn't enough time in the day anymore. I think I follow too many blogs! I know my commenting on other blogs has gone way done from what I used to do, but it doesn't mean I'm not still reading. Even when I haven't been able to read for a few days and my bloglines is full of unread posts, I find that I just can't hit 'read all' because I feel like I'm missing out on something that's happened with someone! I think that's how intertwined I've become in 'everyone's' life. I've enjoyed your blogs since the beginning - right before Braska had surgery. And now you have two gorgeous girls that I love reading about! Keep doing what you're doing - I would miss you if you decided to quit blogging!


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