Monday, June 14, 2010

Kinlee: 16 months

This girl is really silly. And cute. And she is now 16 months old.

She’s gaining skills so fast I’ve sadly missed documenting most of them.  I keep starting to put together a comprehensive post, and then I get distracted by aforementioned 16-month-old, and nothing gets completed.  Over and over and over.

So I’m going to try again really quick.  Even if I need to do it in parts…

She is 20 lbs 5 oz, same as she was 3 months ago.  She’s 30.5 inches.

Kinlee is still Little Miss Drama.  She is also pretty fearless when it comes to climbing and playing rough. This combination leads to many a very pathetic meltdown when she gets hurt in the midst of exploring.  And I use the word “hurt” very liberally.  She often just thinks that she might have been close to getting hurt…and that’s all it takes.  She is very emotional, cries frequently, whines even more frequently.  And it can get old quickly. No doubt.

But on the positive side, when she is on, she’s really ON.  She is crazy funny, loves to be silly, has a strangely mature sense of humor for a little girl her age.  She often has her sister cracking up by just goofing around. Physical comedy is a strength of hers. 

Until she thinks she stubbed a toe, of course.

This girl is smart.  Not just like “My kid is SO smart!” like we all tend to say.  She is talented in the brain.  I don’t know how she knows the things she does.  I don’t know where she learns some of these skills and words and techniques, but she’s good.  And wow—a very quick learner.  Tell her once, and she’s got it. 

That is, if she WANTS to get it, mind you.

She’s gone from walking to pretty much running in no time.  She can manage going up steps like I’d never expect her to do.  Her legs are pretty strong hidden in little petite packages.  She figured out how to move a stool or chair around in the kitchen so that she can get up in her booster chair.  And she can get into Braska’s high chair, too, for that matter.  And we still don’t know how.  She won’t show that trick to anyone.  She just shows up in the chair at random times.  Little time traveler….

And communication…what is it with my girls and talking like mini-adults?  Kinlee is already using some 2-word phrases like “Dad home” when it’s getting close to 5:30p.  How does she know that??  (She never says Daddy or Mommy…always Dad and Mom…like she’s too big a kid for those baby names.)  Or “Hi Dad!” when she’s pretend talking on my phone.  Most of her speech is still in one-word identification and requests… but there are A LOT of them.  A quick list of the most common utterances…

Drink, eat, milk, bear, up, down, please, thank you, more, wash, kiss, phone, bird, monkey, door, picture, doggie, blanket, Binky, Braska, sissy, bed, pillow, hand, ear, nose, mouth, Dad, Mom, outside, swing, slide, go play, hi, hello, bye, show (TV), “baby time” for Baby Signing Time, Rach for Auntie Rachel, pop for popcorn, chip, juice, help, nap, yes, no, push, “H” for all letters, “1” for all numbers, car, cat, grass, come, glasses, blocks, stand, sit, Shay, water, swim, splash… and I’m running out of time.  There’s a bunch more.

So I’ll add more to the update later. At least I got something started! Baby steps, once again!


  1. Kinlee, you're awesome!!!

    So much of what you say reminds me of Brodie. The drama. The fearlessness. The ability to navigate stairs! Ha. The big difference though is that he says "B" for every letter! Hee hee!!!

  2. Gee, Kinlee has an advanced sense of humor? I'm sure her dad had nothing to do with that now did he?I have a couple of those kinds of kids too and it's great. Teachers love a kid that gets their jokes.

  3. I still say that a 16 month old totally understands every word you are saying to them even if they can't hardly communicate that they can. They are amazing little creatures at this age for sure! and you've got such a cute one! :)

  4. That is pretty awesome. Way to go KiKi.

  5. Let's teach her "Papa Beagle!" And not to be afraid of him! Ha Ha


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