Friday, April 16, 2010

Strollin’ down the sidewalk

(If you can sing the rest of the lyrics referenced in the title…you know how fun Signing Time is!)

I took this pic with my phone this morning as the girls and I went for a walk in the neighborhood and ended up at the grocery story a few blocks away. 

I sent it to a few people with this text…

Just walking to get our fresh fruits and veggies for the day… Yeah, that’s right. I’m that kind of walking, veggie-fixin mom. :o)

I’m far too easily impressed with myself.

If you would like to be on the texting list for such fun adventures, ship me your phone number.  Don’t hurt yourself rushing to open an email. Pace yourself.

When we got home the girls had apples and bananas for snack, (Braska did great with mildly fork-mashed bananas. Yay!)and there is a yummy mixture on the stove now that will be Braska’s new meal for this week.  So far it’s cauliflower, lima beans, carrots with chicken stock.  We’ll throw in some well cooked whole wheat pasta and blend it all up to a yummy puree, drizzling in EVOO for added good fat and calories that she needs. 

Wow. Look at me go.


  1. Don't forget the garlic!! Great for immunity-building, and Braska loves the flavor in her veggies :o)

  2. I've got an original idea for a name for such escapades: "Veggie Tales!" Hope no one has already used it......


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