Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It’s all about perspective

First off…please be in prayer for Chrissie and her family.  She is in a very fragile condition after heart surgery yesterday and needs our intercession.



Today I’ve confirmed that Braska’s surgery will be on Thursday the 6th of May.  We know she’ll be getting tubes in her ears, we don’t know what will be on the agenda beyond that.  But from what the nurse told me today, it sounds like we’ll be doing tonsils and adenoids at the same time.  And that’s good. That’s what I wanted. 

The reason we don’t know for sure is that the ENT doc is out of the office this week and next, returning the beginning of the week of her surgery.  So we’ll be hearing what he thinks about things right before the date. 

I’m not pleased with how the ENT office has handled this, how the doc has failed to answer my questions in a timely manner, and that’s disappointing since we’ve been with them for 3 years now and we like him alot.  But this is the first time we’ve required anything other than pretty typical check-ups, so this would be the time to see the cracks in his armor.  I’ve got no doubt about his medical ability though, or I wouldn’t be allowing him to work on Braska. Clearly.

It struck me a while ago that when I hung up from talking to the nurse, I nonchalantly added “Braska’s surgery” to my Outlook calendar on 5/6, sent emails to my husband to ask off for that day and to the grandmothers to let them know.  I didn’t worry about anesthesia. I didn’t worry about the needles, gasses, and tubes that are needed with any sedation.  I didn’t fret about being in the hospital and the recovery that will be necessary.

When you’ve been through open-heart surgery with an 11-pound 3-month-old, most surgeries pale in comparison.  When you’ve seen your baby hooked up to just about every kind of machine and medication drip with a respirator tube in her mouth, it’s not worrisome to consider recovery time from tubes, tonsils, and adenoids.  Every surgery and every episode of anesthesia is to be taken seriously, but things look differently for us than they would for some in our shoes.

I had to laugh at it a little, that I don’t have the least bit of fear about the whole deal.  Braska’s been sedated for numerous procedures even after her heart surgery, mostly related to her G-tube, but enough so that we are very used to the process of pre-op prep and all the “risks and benefits” that get discussed with us.  We know what the anesthesiologist is going to ask us, and we know what they’ll tell us can happen.  But we’re ok with that.

It’s funny how life keeps preparing us for the next step.  They’ll be operating on my daughter, they’ll be seemingly rough during the operation…that’s fairly normal and necessary to get the job done in most surgeries.  But it is for her best, we believe. And she’ll shine through it all, though she might need extra cuddles and a little patience.  Yet on the other side, we look forward to a better Braska. And that’s worth it.

Even as I type this, I’m enjoying the fact that most of you who read this will know exactly what I’m talking about.  You’ve been through this and far more, the majority of you.  What a cool thing community is for those of us who walk a little different path with our kids. 

We trust that God will work all things to our best. And we know that doesn’t always look like we want it to, but He is always good, regardless of challenges or circumstances. This is no different. “Minor” surgery or life-threatening situation, we take comfort that He is in control.


  1. Amen! I hope the surgery gets scheduled the way you want...with tonsils and adenoids at the same time.

  2. Well said. Of course. Glad it works out at a time Grammy can be helpful. Praying that all that should be done is done and the Lord blesses Braska with a full and speedy recovery! Here's a prayer for Chrissi, too!

  3. I am the wimp of the world. I cried as I read this post. No good. This grandma is as usual a basket case when it comes to her little poonchins having surgery.


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