Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I’m so busy I sit

I love when there’s so much to get done that I just sit down and ignore it all. 

I don’t really love that about me.

Generally, a deadline or time pressure is totally motivating for me, and maybe that’s the problem.  Most of what I need to get done doesn’t have to be done for another 4 hours, or til tomorrow morning, so I’ve just got lots of time.

Yeah. Keep telling yourself that, self.

Tomorrow the girls and I are heading up north a little bit to spend some time with a dear family who we really miss, though we’ve only officially met in person one time.  Maybe that’s weird to you, but it makes total sense.  I’m very much looking forward to it.  But packing these girls up for a few days requires ALOT of work and organization.  I like to go places, so I’m totally up for the task, and yet I’m stalled out right now just wanting to sit and enjoy the quiet of the house at the moment.  Call it a mental health moment.

I have the laundry partially done. The kitchen is partially cleaned. The girls are partially napping. (Braska’s in the playroom, Kinlee’s asleep.)  I like to leave things straightened up when I leave so I don’t come back to a mess, compounded by all the unloading that happens upon return from a trip.  And this house could use days worth of scrubbing and scraping, but straight will have to do for now.

A nap sounds nice.  Then again, I have so much I’m behind on blogging.  I’ve missed so many milestones with both girls, and I hate that.  Blog traffic has slowed to a ridiculous crawl because there’s not anything interesting to read around here, I guess.

Not that this post is helping THAT!

And Maggie—I haven’t forgotten you. I’m just horrible!

So to start the ball rolling (tee hee…right, honey?) I’ll get off my hind quarters and dive back in.  Braska needs to get to nap, and then I’ll tackle some more laundry.  The kitchen will probably have to wait til tonight after the girls go to bed, so I can do a decent job.  And packing…well, maybe we’ll do that when they get up from nap.

Here I go.  I’m getting back to it.  See? I’m putting the computer down. I’m almost standing up. Maybe I should stop typ


  1. hee hee hee, you are one funny chick! Have a great trip.

  2. I'm going to miss the girls! Be careful, have fun, enjoy yourselves, and come home soon!

  3. I will punch you in the mouth (with love).

  4. Remember, in the famous and wise words of Brother-in-law Ethon, "the Second Mouse gets the cheese".

    So relax a bit more. And then...

    What's funny is, I called you this morning to ask you to do a favor for me and after I listened to what you had going on, I decided against it because I know you would have added it to your already busy schedule.

    Teehee, I actually listened to the voice of reason for once.

  5. Hee Hee :o) Your time playing with the girls makes it worth the delay. Enjoy!!

  6. Hey-no problem: I'm ready to get back at it whenever you are. Enjoy your trip and relax a little. :0)


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