Thursday, April 1, 2010

One seriously taxing day

I wish I could give you all the details, but I can’t put some of it on the world wide interweb.  I can give you a basic rundown of some of it, though, including the parts that involve Braska’s health concerns.

If you’re caught up on posts, you know that my day started at 4:30am. If you follow the Twitter box on the right, you might know some of this, but I’ll include it anyway.  By 9:30am, I had talked to Braska’s pediatrician and were on our way to her office to pick up orders for blood and urine tests and a chest x-ray.  After a much longer wait than necessary, due to wrong response by the reception staff, (This is a huge peeve of mine…probably from years of hiring and training people in these positions.  I have trouble with people who lack listening skills but work on the front line in medical practices.) we finally saw the nurse, who is great, and she got us what we needed and she placed the urine bag on Braska. Not a fun task.  I pushed in a few ounces of water to get her going, and we loaded up in the van again.

The girls and I went to Children’s, and we signed into the lab at 11:51am.  I’ve never waited more than about 10 minutes in the lab there.  Over an hour later, we got called back.  Of course, the urine bag hadn’t caught a bit.  Our favorite phlebotomist, who we request specifically, got Braska on the first stick with no fishing.  Wonderful.  But we had to clean her up and change a VERY wet diaper so that we could place another bag on her and try again. 

You can imagine, especially if you’ve ever met her, how Kinlee was taking all this waiting.  Oh, and of course it was over lunch time, and I only took one container of goldfish.  She did get paraded around the lab once by a lady who insisted on each and every person working in there seeing her and remarking on her “cuuuuuuuuuute outfit!”

We waited another 30 minutes after giving Braska more water, and we finally got just enough to do the test.  Then it was time to hit the cafeteria before Kinlee exploded from grouching and hunger before we ended up in the imaging center for the x-ray.  Braska was feeling very bad by this time, her fever had gone up once again, and the chest x-ray wasn’t fun for her.  But we made it through, and we left Children’s at about 3:30pm.  Long few hours.

On the way home, I hit traffic almost immediately and sat still.  I was able to maneuver enough to get off at an exit and take a detour, but it delayed me a little.  The girls fell asleep, which was fine. 

As I returned to my neighborhood, I encountered a situation that changed the course of the next few hours, and it altered lives, literally. (Again…we are not hurt, we are fine and unharmed.) I can’t say much about it right now except this…

I know, without a doubt, that I’ll never think about traffic delays or unexplained waiting the same way again.  It was only for perfect timing that a little child is ok, or will be, I hope.  God held me back, though I tried to fight Him and race ahead.  He put me right where I needed to be, with the experience I have and the heart He’s given me, to make all the difference to this one today.  I’m overwhelmed by the events, and I’m nervous about what will follow in the natural consequences of this afternoon for the other parties involved.  But I’m so very thankful, though I’ll probably not sleep well tonight, that he put me right there at that moment. 

Thank you for your comments about Braska’s issues and caring about our girl.  I hope we get some answers soon. We should have test results tomorrow.


  1. okay, this sounds kind of scary. I hope you all get a good night's sleep and things look better in the morning.

  2. Very cryptic. Hope Miss B is feeling better today.

  3. Praying Braska improves quickly.

  4. Praying for great answers for you on Braska and for the situation you described.

  5. All my kids are good "mystery" writers. We eagerly await "the rest of the story." I'm truly glad you all are okay. I'll bet you had an opportunity to help someone, didn't you? God puts you in the right place when you're needed. He works that way...
    Love you!!

  6. ummmmm, I agree with everyone... too cryptic, too scary sounding, glad it was a God-thing and hope all that testing leads to answers... and really hope there's a follow up post in the works?

  7. Yikes, this sounds scary, whatever it was ... hope things are okay?

  8. Hope Braska is doing better. I haven't been on in a while and am just catching up. Sounds like you had a very hectic day. Yes sometimes we are in certain spot for reason. Sending hugs.

  9. praying for the whole situation you were involved in.


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