Saturday, April 24, 2010

My girls: Walking!

I haven’t updated properly lately, and I need to do that. Mostly just so I can have a good record of these things for later.  The blogs really are useful to me when I can’t remember when things happened. 

But tonight I’m tired, the girls are asleep, so I’m going to take bed over blog.  I’ll just toss up some cute pics of my little walkers.

Most of the time this is the view.  They’re on the move almost constantly, and it’s usually walking away from me when the camera is out. 

If KiKi is caught facing the camera, she is quick to close her eyes.  FYI—when you’re walking with two hangers keeping your hands busy, it’s best NOT to close your eyes.  The next second following this picture she was on the floor and unhappy about it.

And a few more favorites from this day of photo taking. (4/14/10)

Braska in her usual state…happy. Yes, we have the stereotype chick here.

And Kinlee in her usual state…unhappy.

But it’s not ALWAYS that bad…she’s a very funny girl some of the time.  And she loves loves loves the phone.

Me and my girls…silly x 3.


  1. I'm going to need a copy of the happy Braska pic! Precious!

  2. Ya for walking. She is doing great. They looks so cute. My daughter is checking out their pictures and saying how cute they both are!!!

  3. Great pictures!! Love the one of Braska smiling.

    I think I am now Facebook friends with a couple of people you know IRL. I'm thinking a StL get-together this summer is definitely in order.

  4. You look so pretty in that last picture RK. I love the teeth on Kinlee. Wow give that girl a steak!

  5. Hey how are you? Long time no blog. Wow I can't believe how much the girls have changed. YAY look at them walk. You must be so busy! They are both gorgeous!

  6. Look at your girls go! How fun :)


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