Friday, December 4, 2009

Snot: Parenthood vs. pre-parenthood

Ooey, gooey, globby, and nonstop. That's the snot that's been present at our house for over a week now, first coming from Braska, then KiKi. I do not like snot. But I surprised myself the other day with how nonchalant I can be when handling the ickiness nowadays.

Before becoming a parent, had I been put in this position, with two little girls leaving remnants of their goo on furniture and clothes and each other--well, I'd have politely, but quickly, abandoned ship.

--News flash!!! It's snowing outside!!! I just glanced at the window!! (Well just a few flurries, but still!) Woo Hoo!!!--

Ahem, anyway, it's funny now how I can catch it, wipe it, clean it, and repeat about 300 times a day. And when leaving the house, it's not so much, "Darn! I have snot on my shirt!" as it is "Gosh, is that too much snot on my shirt to be acceptable for this outing?"

Can anyone relate?

And it's like a celebration when a big sneeze produces alot of stuff, because that means we're getting it out of there. And when doing the saline drops 'n suction routine that happens a few times a day, well, it's like I'm on a mission and success is non-negotiable. I can tell from the sound the bulb is making if it's extracting copious amounts. And it makes me glad.

Ah, how far I've come.


  1. So true and funny! I think every mom would agree with you on this one!

    Is that too much snot on my shirt to be acceptable for this outing...STILL laughing hahaha!

    Enjoy the snow...this side of the state is just cold.

  2. I was just thinking this same thing in regards to poop. I think I've pretty much seen it all by now and cleaned it all and it doesn't gross me out near as much as it used to. Yep - those are field badges indeed for the mom - body fluids (or substances) have nothing on us.

  3. This snotty post is FANTASTICALLY WRITTEN! We're talking "Guidepost" quality! Well, maybe THEY wouldn't print it, but READERS DIGEST or somebody should! Well Done! I remember a great article about how all humans remain quite selfish UNTIL they have children. (Of course, some people stay selfish no matter what.) Parenting is not a "total" cure, but how it changes us for the better!

  4. LC's got the gunk, too. Luckily, she is an actual fan (freak!) of the adult-strength saline spray. But I literally come running when I hear a promising sneeze...hope, hoping for trails of jackpot running down her face.

    I'm not sure Justin shares my enthusiasm though. Poor, poor Prince Gagsalot.

  5. Wysdom started to hold the saline spray bottle. He knows it's coming. The suction bulb is not his friend though. Yah your right about the nose the suction makes..let's you know if it just a little mucous up there or tons. ugh.

  6. I remember discovering that brand really does matter with those snot bulbs! The one we got at the hospital was so much better than any we got at the store. :-) Did a lot more slurping gunk instead of just sucking air.

  7. For me it was baby spit-up. I could hear the little sound he would make before it came out and catch it in my hand, wipe it away with a wipe, and continue on my way as though nothing had happened. Used to gross out friends and family members who weren't used to it. And my "going out in public" question was - how much urp is acceptable on your shoulder?

    I'm quite proud of you actually. I remember how you disliked Jack's drooling problem. You've come a long way baby!

  8. That's called gaining mommy maturity :o) Way to go, gal!!

  9. I can so relate!!!
    T has come far with this. Although he still refuses to blow his nose into a tissue. He will blow it so it's running down his face BUT the good news is.. He now will walk to the bathroom and stand by the door until I come to get tissue and wipe it off. This is far better than the days he used to do the backhand wipe up into his hair :)


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