Monday, December 7, 2009

Wanna grant a wish?

I saw Bethany refer to a website called Wish Upon a Hero, so I thought I’d check it out.  In about 10 minutes I’ve already come across a couple wishes that I can “grant” with things I’ve been needing to get rid of anyway!  How perfect is that!

Since we’re not giving gifts this year due to our budget limitations, this is a nice little substitute for me.  I love giving, and it’s especially nice to give to people I don’t know and won’t be gushing over how nice it was that I shared with them every time I see them….because I probably won’t see them.  That is NOT to say that it’s not nice to be thanked and such, but sometimes it’s easy for me to get a little high from getting that pat on the back.  And I don’t want giving to be about me, it’s about the gift, unconditional and given without strings.  And this site seems to be exactly all about that.

It’s still weird to see the Christmas tree up with nothing under it (again, not that we miss receiving, but I miss wrapping the gifts to give) but I’m enjoying the idea that things I’m not even using anymore can be exactly what someone else is wishing for this season. 

So if you’re feeling like giving but you’re low on funds, check this site out.  You’ll be surprised what others wish for. You have the power to grant wishes, you just didn’t know it!


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