Thursday, December 17, 2009

Showers, falling again!

Today was a good day, though it started very hectic and stressful, it ended pretty darn well.  Time is short right now, so I’ll summarize and let M elaborate for you one part of it.

First, this morning, my friend Julie went above and beyond.  Not in grand measures, but in helping me with errands and surviving another one of my very frustrated times of hurried and over-busy stress.  She has a great way of making things work out, and the stress was calmed  in short order.  Oh, and Kinlee got fed en route to other errands…also a very key element to the story.

Then the girls napped at the same time.  Nuff said!

The big news today is that M’s group at work surprised him at the Christmas lunch with an overwhelming gift extravaganza.  When he showed up at home with it at 5pm, needing wonderful little elves to help him bring it in the house, I was caught off-guard and very moved.  After a moment or two looking at everything, I just sat speechless.  It is truly beyond anything I could have imagined.  M gives a wonderful recount here, so hop over there and take a look and read. 

IS dept, if you’re reading….  you have blown me away with your thoughtfulness.  Thank you so very much!

And then to top it off, we received our Christmas gifts from one very special relative, two new cell phones and a MUCH cheaper plan, all part of the Gazelle progress (yep, Dave Ramsey all the way, for those of you who wondered).  Very cool!!!  (If you didn’t get an email with new phone numbers but you want them, drop me a note.  braskasmom at gmail . com)

M and I sat in the middle of the floor last night with all this food around us, the gifts for the girls, and all the rest and we talked of how strange it is to be on the receiving end of this.  We were both teary, talking of our journey, where we’ve been and where we will be soon. We will not forget these gestures and very generous outpourings! We are SO grateful!  There are many even more in need, far more, and we hope they are having showers of blessing too.  We’re doing what we can to be part of that rain, also, every chance we get.


  1. To be clear, it was manly teariness. Like when you get shot in the shoulder with a .38. Nothing you will make audible noise for but you might just get a little glossy look in your eye. Totally manly.

  2. Your posts are giving me hope that this world is "a better place" than I thought it was. I continue to pray for your family!

  3. Great news! No one seeks hard times, but it is truly in adversity that we more clearly see the Lord's hand extended through His people.

  4. You guys are truly loved.

    And Muncher - yeeeeeeah.

  5. how great it is to be surrounded by such wonderful friends who can help out when it's really needed. How blessed you guys are!


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