Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bye Bye Li’l Mazda 3


One-car-family, schedule juggling, pick up-drop off, pick up-drop off, here we come.  But no more car payments—here we are!

More soon on the down and dirty (sometimes painful) of our new financial planning philosophy, for those of you who have asked.  If you have particular questions, feel free to leave them here and I’ll address them each one.

And once again, thanks to my parents for the Christmas in July gift of the minivan.  206,300 miles down, many more to go.


  1. We have also implemented some new financial "strategies". We are on the Dave Ramsey plan (google it if you haven't heard about it). Anyway, I recently started couponing like crazy and there is a strategy to it all - go to and it explains it all (my grocery bill went from $100/week to $50/week.

  2. Yay for no car payments! That must feel good. Living on one income can be rough sometimes, but we keep finding new ways to make it work and God does provide. Congrats!

  3. Yes no car payments sounds nice. We have to start implementing statagies as well. Not my strong point. Way to go though, you are doing great.

  4. have you ever heard of dave ramsey. i listen to him on the radio. he's on the am stations. anyways, he's really motivated us awhile back to get out of debt and change our finances. it's been hard but at least we are working towards the same goal and on the same page.

  5. I'm sure you all will learn how to make up a workable schedule. Have you calculated insurance, registration, and maintenance savings? Praying for that van to be like the Everyready Bunny!

  6. I just bit the bullet and became a mini van owner. I love it, I hate to admit it (and REALLY hate having a car payment) but I needed a car.

  7. We are on Dave Ramsey's plan since August after taking the class at First Christian Church before leaving Champaign. I have been listening to his podcast every morning on my rides to work on my iPod. So far we have paid off over $9000 in debt via a car loan and student loans.

    I love listening to the radio show when he has people scream that they are debt free. It is the only way to be encouraged to stay "Gazelle Intense".


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