Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Sisters

If you’re a TRUE follower of our family blogs—and hey, who isn’t, right?—then you’ve already seen the posts on KiKi’s and Braska’s blogs showing off their cute Christmas wear pics.  If you’ve not seen them, go ahead.  I’ll wait.  Yeah, now, go ahead!

Ok, now that you’ve seen the good ones, I’ll share some of the sisterly interaction that generally gets left in my pictures folder without making the cut for the blog.  Some are cute, some are silly, but they’re all real. And you’ll see that one sister is definitely the instigator of mayhem in picture settings.  Usually by lunging for her sis and saying “Ticky ticky ticky!” while wiggling her fingers.

Here’s the best one of that session…

These are from a little photo shoot brought to you by Julie’s purchase of three coordinating sleepers for Braska, KiKi, and Jack
sisters2 sisters1 sisters3

And these are from Sunday morning, dressed for church in their beautiful fancy dresses.

Finally, my favorite of all, so far.  

Can you see my favorite little part of this one, besides that it’s just adorable?  It will be treated to some fun photo editing and layout work as soon as I get time.  I’ll share the end result when it’s done.


  1. All the pictures are so cute. Love the dresses and jammies! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!


    Look at KiKi! She's a little LADY! No more miniature dad in drag! She looks like her own little sweet self.

    What a sweet Christmas treat. Thanks for sharing them!

  3. Love all the pictures. But when I pull out my Axim to show folks the grand kids, they start getting tired of the show when I've only shown them 15 or 20 pics!

  4. RK ~ Your girls have been so much fun to watch growing up! I always get a giggle when I see Braska's grin that says without words, "HMMM, what's next? I'm so cute there's no harm in having a little fun, is there?" and Kiki's sweet little smile just warms me up! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you have a blessed 2010!!!!


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