Thursday, July 26, 2012

School physical day

First off,  the dentist went ok the other day. Not great but much better...   More details on B's blog when I can do more than these phone posts.
Today we are at the pediatrician getting physicals. Kinlee for K4 (Yes we have been blessed to be able to find a curriculum-based program who will let her jump up a year due to academic skill. More details on that soon too.)  Braska is doing Kindergarten,  but no longer through the conventional means at public school. She will be attending the same private school as KiKi but in the half day academic Kindergarten class. She was screened and accepted and they have been granted a nice scholarship,  so reg ed private school it is!  I'm very excited to be involved in this new school and will talk more about it soon I hope. They are totally excited about having both the girls, and what more could I ask than to have teachers actively want my kids in their classes? I'm still so blown away that this all worked out in a matter of a couple weeks. God has been so evidently involved. Gives me chills. Literally. We are blessed and so grateful.

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  1. I'm intrigued! Can't wait to hear about the school.


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