Saturday, July 28, 2012

My own muscle man

Today at the Y they hosted a weight lifting event.  Most of the participants were staff, and when I stopped by “the concrete room” to peek  in while Kinlee was at swim class, I saw some of my buds lifting.

Adam is one of my fave coworkers, one of our personal trainers, and is our Physical Director at the Y. (For only the next 3 days. Boo.)  Kinlee calls him The Silly Mr. Adam. He organized the event with Kyle, behind him in the black/white jacket.  

And this is Kyle, who finished 4th in nationals of Olympic Weightlifting, competing for Lindenwood University. He’s also a personal trainer at the Y.  (That’s almost 600 lbs, folks.)

But more importantly, Kyle is also MY personal trainer.  And he kicks. my. rear. when it comes to workouts.  Just had to give props to my pal and fitness guru. 

We’ve got a long way to go, but I’ve got a pretty good pro on my team. 

The event was a hit, and it really ended up feeling a lot like a little fraternity party.  But since I have 10-15 years on most of the staff, that shouldn’t be a surprise.  I’m blessed to get to work with a bunch of fun people.

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  1. Tell him "thanks" from your mom. I'm super proud of you. BTW, you don't LOOK older than he does. Are you SURE you're over 30??


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