Saturday, July 7, 2012

Late for the bar scene

Tonight we went to a bar in downtown StL to see a friend's band play after I got off work . It was fun, though unbelievably loud. A whole lot of people in a small space with not nearly enough chairs and constant movement around us. It was very interesting to me, from both from the music standpoint... because I miss performing with a band alot... and from the angle of the culture side. I never had a phase of doing "the bar scene" and I am ok with that.

It was fun to watch the band play and hear them, though I would've enjoyed a more balanced sound situation so I could have enjoyed the vocals and the superb guitar licks. 70s and 80s rock cover band. Good times.

I learned that I am way older than I realized. I learned that I am strangely enamored with watching young people try to act grown up. And I remembered why I don't live downtown.

Overall I found it enjoyable, and I would have stayed longer if I hadn't needed to come home and let my gracious sister get home to her own bed. The ringing in my ears will last a while I think. But it was a fun night out, though not my new norm by any means.

Funny tidbits to know..
**Our double date couple for the lovely in laws. The friend playing is from their church.
**I ordered a drink, and sipped a little bit, until it dawned on me that I better check the nutrition facts on it. And after My Fitness Pal woke me up with the calorie and carb numbers, it was all tea and water for me after that. Priorities!!

So maybe we don't qualify as hip or happening or current in any way, but we had fun... Until it was time to get home to real life. And really, I prefer it anyway.

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