Monday, August 31, 2009

Moms who have had a CVS

Can someone describe the physical experience of having a CVS? Not the procedure itself, but how it felt first hand...did it hurt, what was your down time following, etc.

There's a mom on a forum who is wanting to know and not many of us there have had one.



  1. I posted my story on my blog under "Joey's Story".

  2. I went to their pharmacy once and bought an Orange Sunkist.

  3. Hum I am down with M on this one... I really like it as an alternative to Walgreens when available. Though I have never HAD a CVS OR a Walgreens..

    Then? Why is Randa asking about Concurrent Versions System?

    I currently use TortoiseSVN! Though again I would hardly call it having "had" one.

    What I do have is a sweet front end Visual SVN for my SVN DB! It rocks compared to the standard tortoise windows interface!

  4. Soooo, back to the topic - no, I haven't, but I could tell you about an amnio.

    This site looked like it might be of some help to that mom.

  6. I had CVS done with Larkin. You meet with a counselor first then drink a bottle of water so your bladder is full. On the table you recline and there is a tv screen up on the wall so you can see everything. A sono tech has an ultra sound on top of your belly the entire time. The doctor inserts a speculum and threads a long needle through which then cuts off a piece of the placenta. The worst part is the full bladder, speculum. Afterward there is some cramping and they ask that you stay off of your feet. I rode home tired and laid down for the rest of the evening. No bleeding or other issues.

    As a couple they should know exactly what they want to do before knowing the results. Furthermore I'll be willing to bet they won't terminate (if that is what they are thinking) after seeing their baby on that sono.

    And you can tell her that the CVS was wrong. So don't go in thinking that tests are perfect - but my girl Larkin sure is.

  7. M and Jason... You guys are a sad couple of peas in a pod.

    To the rest of you...thanks!


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