Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Been there, remember that

If you don't have Narrow Ridge in your reader, you should. Tom has a great perspective on many things, especially being a dad to Silvi and Ian, his little one with DS. He's working on a documentary about his son, and today he posted a piece that "got" him last night.

If you've been through the surgery of your tiny one, you will relate, and it will bring back many a memory, though it's beautifully simple in it's presentation. It brought back a surprising amount of emotion for me, as I remembered sitting and rocking Braska just before we walked her down the hall to hand her over to the nurse at the door to the OR for her open-heart surgery. She was 3 months old. Sometimes, I still can't believe it.


  1. Thanks. We shouldn't forget the drama of that moment NOR the answered prayers that day...answers that continue even until now. May Ian and his family receive His comfort and blessings, too.

  2. Oh, GOOD GRIEF! You should WARN a person! I was totally not expecting my reaction to that video. I may need therapy. Blubbering MESS.

  3. Wow. That said so much in such a simple way. I could feel her love for her son, seeing her touch and her face.

  4. Of course that made me cry, so I had to go back and watch Braska's six month video and cry some more. Good stuff.

  5. Oh my, Randa, that is beautiful on so many levels, but the tears are streaming down my face.....


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