Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Rocky Start

This weekend isn't going as I'd wanted. I've been very frustrated. Maybe I'll write more about it later, maybe not.

Is it wrong to have Rocky Road ice cream for breakfast?? Ok, I didn't, but I considered it.

The girls are doing great at Grammy's, not even a peep out of KiKi, the Mommy-needer. M is in C-U, he'll be home later today. I didn't publicize that I was home alone because I can be paranoid like that. I have had a weekend of complete solitude and I still didn't get the things done I wanted to... that means it's not that they're here. It's me. And that's not any fun to realize.

I suppose I best start making a plan to figure out what's up in this head of mine that's keeping me so stuck.

I admit, though, that the quiet has been nice. And I did get a few small things done... not enough though. I hope to finish a couple more today before M gets here.

Right now the house is WAY worse than when I started. The long sofa is standing on it's end, the rest of the furniture in the living room is shoved to one side. I'm cleaning carpets and we don't have room to remove the furniture to another place, so I did half the room last night and will do the other half today, hopefully.

Have a great Sunday!!


  1. Ok, listen very carefully, I am totally serious here... Do Not Be Hard On Yourself right now!! Let me share something with you - when I get a free quiet moment to myself (and I can mean a whole weekend when I use the term "moment") I am more likely to just sit and stare in a vegetative state than I am to get up and do. Moms give and give and give and give and when they finally have a moment that they no longer have to give they often just stop. period. no activity. sleep. It is sooo common, congratulations you are definitely a full fledge mom!

    Now I'm going to tell you one more thing - a wise mom once told me that a life is full of seasons. Right now it is no longer your season to be super clean and ultra organized and there are times that you will really miss that season... That season will come again, but right now it's your season to guide and direct those beauties you have been given. And you can never look behind you to get that season back...

    Ok, I'm done now :0)

  2. sorry but i don't agree with this post. it's your worst post yet ;) just because you didn't get anything done doesn't mean there is something simply means you needed a break. who in their right mind gets a break from their husband and kids, and says ooooo i'm going to clean the entire time. well women might say but do they really want to do it. ummmm, no. if i had time to myself i would sit on the couch watch tv, eat crap, read a book....ANYTHING but clean and organize no matter how messy my house was. next time, i say skip making yourself feel guilty and head straight for the remote and ice cream!!!!! you are a great person!

    and one more thing- i will be in stl soon. i am want to make a day when we can get together and hopefully with some others. email me at if you want to set something up!!!

  3. RK,

    Sorry I am replying as annonymous because I am having trouble with computer and also sign in on Blogger.
    You do not need to be so hard on yourself. First of all when I read all you had planned to do, I thought to myself "Does she plan to ever SLEEP? There is no way she can do all that in one weekend." LOL!! You might get it done in a weeks time but that might be pushing it too.

    I use to be very organized and then I got sick, and well my organizational skills are still there in my head but very hard to do. You have 2 little ones to care for and it is time consuming.

    Also, you got spoiled with Braska being slower to do things than the normal baby does (I do not mean that to be ugly either). You got to cherish her every accomplishment no matter what it was/is. BUT now you have Kinlee and since she is progressing at a faster rate than Braska did, you are trying to cherish her every accomplishment which I am sure is happening almost daily. So while trying to cherish every accomplishment of Kinlee and also Braska it is now taking away your time of doing what you feel must be done such as organization.
    DO NOT beat yourself up over this. It is prefectly normal.

    Just enjoy your time alone!! LOL!! Also go ahead and eat that ice cream for breakfast. What the heck if it make you feel better go for it. LOL!



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