Monday, August 10, 2009

Back but balmy

We got back last night from Arkansas where we had a family reunion this weekend. It was a very long trip, and we’re glad to be home, but it was a nice visit. More on that soon.

We got home last night after 9 hours on the road to walk into a house that was 89 degrees. In the house. 89 degrees. At almost 11 pm.

Seriously… I just kept shaking my head. Unbelievable.

And it wasn’t cooler outside, so opening up would have been no help. (Plus I can’t sleep with windows open…not safe in my book.)

After a little investigation, the breaker was flipped, and when it was corrected, the compressor outside is definitely very sick.

M slept in the basement, the girls and I stayed upstairs since they were beyond ready for bed when we got in. But none of the three of us females slept very well. Even with ceiling fans on high, it was so hot.

Thankfully, this morning early it was a little cooler, so I opened up and kicked on the attic fan. The girls are rarely allowed to be in diaper-only fashion, but today, that’s the way to be.

We’re going to find someplace else to be this morning as it warms up (to a predicted mid 90s temp), so unpacking and getting the post-trip chaos resolved will have to wait. What else is new, right?!

The service guy should be out this afternoon, so we’ll see. Our home warranty expires in 2 days…maybe this is to make sure I renew.


  1. oh. my. goodness. come to columbia. :0)

    hope you get it resolved soon!

  2. Ugh! How miserable. Hope it cools off soon. Inside that is, it appears August is here to stay.

  3. Cute picture of your daughters! So sorry to hear it is unbearably hot. Good luck finding something cooler today and hopefully wet and fun :) Take care!

  4. Welcome back. We've had a few shorts-less days too but not because it's hot. Just because Matthew gets away from me before I can put his shorts on him. Oh well. At least he's got the diaper on and is not likely to pull it off by himself (yet!).

    I hope your AC gets going again soon.

  5. Hey - you have a friend who lives right up the street and would love to have you visit and cool off! Don't even have to call, just show up!

  6. nothing wrong with diaper-only fashion - especially when they are as cute as your two girls!


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