Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Prego update Week 33

Because so many of you are more interested than I expected in the progress of this pregnancy... here's some quick info.

~I'm going every 2 weeks now. Just to the OB. Done with the MFM.
~As of yesterday, I've gained 8 lbs. Yes, 8 lbs. And that's 21 lbs more than with Braska at this point. (I'd lost 13 lbs at this point with her....but that was a whole different story.)
~Everything has been good, no causes for concern. My blood pressure was up just a tad this time, but still in a safe, normal range.
~There is still discrepancy on the exact due date. I'm going with earlier than they are, but we'll see. Still probably looking at week 2 of February.
~The achy sore stuff that's been bothering me for a couple months is still around, guess it's just something to deal with this time around. It's no fun, but we'll live.
~Kinlee's moving alot. ALOT. Braska did too, then she was mello on this side...hope we get a repeat of that. Wishful thinking, I know...
~Overall, we're moving right along.

Oh, and so many ask if we're "excited"... what in the world does that mean? Honestly? I just think I must be missing something, or maybe just to practical or something. I don't feel excitement. I feel a need to get ready, but mostly we don't think about any of it...just work on getting through each day. We're less prepared than I thought we'd be at this point, but we'll just wing it, I guess.

And one more thing, no, I don't do belly pics. That's weird, to me. Maybe I'll take one before she comes, but I don't know if I'll post. And it won't be a skin pic, no way. Plus I'm not a cute prego with a basketball belly... Braska's pediatrician was shocked to learn that I was pregnant yesterday. Good times....

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  1. Oh I bet you are cute as can be! :)

    Just to make you feel a little better maybe? I was in Babies r Us (buying Gripe Water) and I was looking at all the stuff that BEFORE Rainer I was thinking (ack...we need this and that and this) and going in my head, "What was I thinking? I hardly needed any of this stuff!"

    Rainer is pretty happy with food, a couple sleep sacks, some clothes and diapers. (And granted he DOES go through those things regularly.) But all the other stuff? A place to sleep and a bouncy chair so I can have a break from holding him all the time (and write you comments!).

    I wish I could say I only gained 8 lbs. At least it's going away. Slowly...but surely.


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