Monday, December 1, 2008

December denial

Aaaarrrggghhhh!!! It's December, people! What???

I know I'm behind, and I have no great excuses...just the regular ones like holidays, traveling, squirmy human kicking my insides... you know. I did finally get the updates on Braska's day-o'-docs on her blog, so if you are interested, you can check that out, in part 1 and part 2.

I've got some pics to put up of our first snow. I love snow! I was so excited yesterday to wake up and see it outside! But the camera is in M's car where I left it, so that will have to wait for now.

We've been off of therapies for 2 weeks, and I have to say....I'm liking it. But we're back this week, and that's good, I guess. I sure enjoyed the break though. Not that I don't like our therapy team, but it's been nice to not have to remember who is coming when and pick up the house and sit through the sessions. Braska's been doing great, so I don't think she's really missed it either.

I'm still working on Kinlee's room, it's got a ways to go to get organized. And December means we're two months away! Last Monday Braska and I made a day trip and went over to Jessie's place in Mid-MO to pick up Braska's clothes that adorable Lillie is done with. And her clothes had multiplied!! We came home with alot more than we left there... very cool, Jessie! I did get them organized into size groups but not yet put away and such. We had a very nice visit with Jessie's crew, Mom H, and the gang at the church. There are a few die-hard Braska fans in the bunch, so when we make the trip over there, we make sure to sign a few autographs. Or at least give a hug or two. We went to lunch, and I think I talked poor Jessie's ear off. Adult conversation can bring out a flood when it's so darn rare!! Her boys were so great with Braska, and she loved playing cars with them and basically basking in the center of attention while Lillie was napping. It was a nice day, and Braska slept all the 90-minute-way home.

Yesterday, my sister called and said she was going to run some errands, so she came by and picked me up. She brought an early Christmas present for Braska and Kinlee... she has a habit of such things. But now for our longer trips, the girls (just Braska for now) will get to watch a little Signing Time or Baby Einstein in the car. Very cool!!! We went to do a little adding to Rach's registry for the wedding in May. And we had to stop off for her regular pedicure (They all know her in can tell she's no stranger.) While I waited, since I'm not one to have people messing with my feet, I had a manicure (after some prodding) and got my brows done, which was way overdue. It was a nice little relaxing moment in the afternoon. Thanks, Rach.

So now it's Monday. We have nothing on the schedule. Braska had some sleeping issue last night and ended up in our bed. That's a BIG no-no in this house, because I can't sleep when she's in there. M was nice enough to let her be on his side, so I did get some rest. I think he lost a little sleep, but overall, we survived. We are going to have to do some work this month to help her be able to put herself back to sleep. She has been a great sleeper for 2 years, so I'm not really complaining that we have to put in some time...I'm just so tired for now to be the time to do it. It's still snowing a little, which is so peaceful. We don't have to go anywhere today, so we'll finish the good cleaning I started this weekend, and we'll just be. Tomorrow Braska has 2 more appointments, then Wednesday we start back in with therapy. I'll enjoy the downtime for today though.


  1. I am so glad you came to see us, and I think I remember some old saying that when you give it will be given to you :o)

    and you didn't talk my ear off...I too long for the adult conversation! come again anytime - the boys would love to play cars again (or,ummm, still cuz they never really stop)!

  2. Anytime! We'll make you a "regular" out of my nail place yet :)


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