Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lessons learned: Dec 23 shopping

So much for not having to do any Christmas shopping. Granted, I had to do very little in comparison to most, but still. There were a few things I needed to go pick up, so I did....last night. Yeah, you might be able to see the problem.

Some things I noted...
~It's just wrong to go Christmas shopping when one is grouchy. (Why grouchy? That's a later post.)
~It is NOT right for it to be raining for hours on end on December 23. That's wrong. It should be snow. If I'm going to be in and out of 4 stores, I shouldn't have to deal with being soaking wet, just enjoying the soft falling snow. Really!
~It is no fun at all to deal with busy shopping crowds, a cart full of stuff, and a very far parking space when the big symptom of this 8-month-old pregnancy is very sore hip joint issues. And in the rain...did I mention?!? Then factor in 3 more stops... ow!! is how I felt when I got home.
~When you don't know what you want, but it's in the toy section...that's just plain bad. No one there seems to know what they want. So they all just stand around like me, saying "Excuse me" over and over as we all jockey for position for some item we think will just jump out at us.
~When it's quiet in the store restroom, then someone starts talking all excitedly....that's weird. Then you realize they're on the phone. In the stall. Also a little weird.
~You can get really cute Christmas cards for next year at 50% off already! One fun thing... And no, I didn't do them this year. Don't feel left out. No one got them. Sorry.
~Google doesn't always tell you properly where a store is... good thing the sign was big and I had a fair idea what area it was in.
~And I waddle. I officially waddle, which is just unacceptable, but I can't seem to do anything about it. Maybe it's that hip pain thing, maybe it's something else. But as I was approaching glass doors that reflected enough for me to see myself walking toward them...there it was. The waddle. How sad.

Ah well, I got what I needed to get, mostly. Now to go find the boxes and wrap some goodies.


  1. I recently told Mark that there was no way I was going to the mall area. His reply, you're not getting malaria? Now the joke is that shopping at Christmas means getting malaria. I don't think that's too far off.
    I too have been having hip pain with this pregnancy but even bigger back pain. I had it with both other pregnancies, so I'm not suprised. These kids can do numbers on our poor bodies. The growing baby, plus the relaxin hormone, plus my already bad lower back are to blame since like you I haven't gained much so far (.4 lbs). The only cure I've found is poppin these babies out. You're nearly there! Hang on baby!

  2. You know you should be proud of your waddle.It is one of those earned rights of pregnancy. Not just anyone can waddle and have it be cute, only those who are walking for two. Ahhh, too cute:-)

  3. I just don't feel christmas-y this year. I don't know what my problem is (besides a continuous headache that won't leave me alone).

    I was just thinking today what percentage of dads get out there to do the christmas shopping...I would bet its pretty low - maybe us women should go on strike!

  4. um....hello! Call me! I'm great at shopping, plus dropping off and picking up at front doors! Added bonus - if it's a store, there's a good chance I know where it is!

    Hope you're having a nice relaxing day!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Kinlee appreciates the waddle. It gives her more leg room. You'll be back to your normal self soon.

  6. HI! Can't remember now where I popped over from! LOL! Anyway...

    Shopping for me ANY TIME is a total drudge! I do most of it online nowdays. Hubby did ALL of his shopping online this year. Next year with two little ones to contend with might be a good time for you to let your fingers do the clicking! LOL!

    And about that waddle - YOu should take that as a mark of honor (unless it's caused by pain- then you should get it checked out). Think of it sort of akin to the swagger of the old west gunmen and the sway of the runway model. They are proud to strut their stuff and you have a lot more to be proud of than they ever thought of! ;o)

    Good luck with the next few weeks. I hope your delivery is painless and rapid.

    Peace and Blessings, and a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  7. I bet you look cute as can be waddling - but I remember how uncomfortable I was towards the end!

    The cell phone thing in the bathroom? It's really weird - a lot of people in my office building do that!


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