Sunday, December 21, 2008

Colded in? (Preface to Google Reader users)

(Google Reader users: I'm publishing this at 1:52 pm CST. What time did it show up on your Reader? Ball park estimate? Anyone know why it would be taking hours to post to the feed reader?? Braska's site posts immediately to Reader, but this one takes up to 7 hours lately...just this past week. Ideas?? I'm researching, but no answers yet.)
Is that a thing? Can you be colded in, like snowed in? I don't know, but that's how I feel. It's currently 8 degrees outside and windy. And yep, we're still sick. Grrrrrrr...

This is day 11 people. Day 11! Of a cold? I'm starting to get very frustrated!

Either Braska and I are just handing it back and forth, or we're missing the cause of the symptoms. But this is just plain ridiculous. We opted out of church this morning, though I hate to miss Christmas Sunday especially (I hate to miss any Sunday really...screws up the week in my brain.) because I can't see it being a good idea to possibly spread germs or take a snotty little one out in the below-zero wind chill weather. So here we are. At the moment, I'm feeling a little better, but every night it gets bad again, very sore throat, cough in the night, then I spend the first 45 minutes awake coughing and hacking trying to get all that gunk out of my lungs. Ridiculous!

I did get a shower this morning, and I put on my flannel Christmas tree PJ's to lounge in today. I've got a hot drink, and I'm trying to work on the kitchen. But more likely is the plan that I'll be feet up in the recliner with some football on. If only football and flannel could cure me...

Braska is still running like crazy from the schnozola. It's clear, not cloudy or yellow anymore, so that's nice. It's gone into her chest too, so she's coughing more and hacking up gunk in the morning too. She's loving the hot bath each morning which helps her get alot of that out, though. She's developed a rash today all over her trunk and up her neck, but oh well. If we're still bad tomorrow, we'll head to the doctor before the least for her. I don't want to be around family if she's still compromised to catch something worse and can be sharing icky germs with others. That could make for a lonely holiday.

Here's hoping that your house is germ-free!!


  1. this was sitting in my reader at 2:15pm....and a cold and the cold is a terrible combination. flannel and football should do something to least mentally anyway!

  2. sorry - just noticed the time posted actually said 2:05, not 2:15 - just didn't want to throw off the experiment :o)

  3. I just hopped online & it's about 3:30 ... Reader says your post was at 2:06. Sometimes I find it takes FOREVER to update after I post - and other times it's immediate. Strange.

    I'm so sorry to hear you're still sick, that's just way too long! I feel for you. Ruby & I were sick a couple weeks back & we both had sinus/ear infections. Have you been in to the dr. yet?

  4. Same as the others re: Google Reader.

    I hope that you start too feel better soon. Being sick is not fun at all!

  5. No reader but wanted to say how sorry I am that you guys are still feeling crappy. Hope you can kick it by Christmas. If not, we aren't afraid of germs! We'll come hang with you! (Seems kinda silly to warm up the car for 10 mins for a 2 min drive but I'll do it!)


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