Thursday, December 4, 2008

First snow excitement!

I was SO happy to peek out the window Sunday morning and see this....

These are some trees across the street. I just love the snow on trees. Love love love it.

This is a view out our back door, past the deck. Hammock stand with no hammock. That's good. Forgot to bring Braska's swing in quite yet... oops.

Here's the house, all nice and snowy like. The driveway must have been just warm enough for it not to stick. When I went to wake M up all giddy like, he groaned because he thought he was gonna have to shovel. I assured him this would be his favorite snow...only pretty, not in the way.


  1. That's my kind of snow: Pretty WITH NO SHOVELING and none on the street! Thanks for the neat pictures!

  2. I love snow on trees too!!
    that looks like a pretty heavy snow fall to me :o) Enjoy making snowmen...

  3. you all got a bit more than we did i think - ours didn't completely cover the yard - it was so pretty though and the boys worked hard at scraping enough together to make a snow man/lump :o)

  4. the first pic is so beautiful. sunday was the day we drove back home but got to see some snow before leaving. i was so excited. i love when it snows. it makes me feel like a little kid. henry didn't want anything to do with it:)

  5. this is what i want my house to look like. thanks for sharing. I'm so jealous!


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